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Instruction for installing the Motorlock 3

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Before installation make shure, that emergency keys will never be inside the room


Remove the cylinder and the inner furniture from the door by unscrewing, as on picture


Insert the cylinder from the kit into the lock and fix it with a screw. Check its operation by twisting the key and twisting the stem


Release the mounting plate by removing the cover with a magnet and removing the four screws. Install the mounting plate on the door using self-tapping screws, after orienting it to the auxiliary element


Cut off the remaining cylinder rod along the edge of the auxiliary element. Better use an angle grinder


Remove the auxiliary element and fix the Motorlock to the mounting plate with screws.
! The lock knob can only be turned by pressing it.
! Make sure the knob is easy to push and turn.


Click the lock cover and enjoy your success!

Adding lock in App
  1. Download the TTLock app from PlayMarket or AppStore
  2. When registering in the application, indicate the country and phone number without country code, the password must contain at least 8 characters: numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, in case of problems with registration by phone number, use e-mail.
  3. Remove the film from the battery contacts, and press the RESET button on the board. The blue indicator will light up
  4. In the application, click: add a lock — all types of locks. The lock will be available for adding while the blue indicator on the board is on.
  5. Add the founded lock and give it a name.
  6. Choose the side of opening, focusing on the picture. In case of an error, change the side in the lock settings
  7. The keypad is adding in the «settings» menu of lock.
Using the lock:

Opening — a short press on the button on the lock.
Closing — long press.

The button in the application works same way.
On the keypad, after entering the code, you need to press #.
To close from an external panel, press and hold #.
We recommend that you always install a door position sensor, with which you will see when the door actually opened and closed.
If you do not need the lock to close itself when the door is
closed by a sensor, turn on the free passage mode. The rest of the functions and settings are intuitive.

If you have any questions, there is a section «frequently asked questions» on the website

If your question is not answered there, contact technical support with whatsapp, we will assist you fast.

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