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  • How do I know if Motorlock can be installed on my door?

For a typical installation, two conditions must be met:

  1. European cylinder lock on your door
  2. If the door opens outward, then with the door closed, the distance from the axis of rotation of the cylinder to the nearest edge of the porch must be more than 30mm.
    If this distance is less than 30 mm but more than 26 mm, then it is possible to install the lock at an angle of 90 degrees
  • Universal cylinder — how is it? Why is he so short? I have a thik door…

The cylinder is really versatile.

From the center to the end of the key, the distance is 35 mm, and from the side of the room it has a long stem, which must be cut to the desired length during installation.

The cylinder comes with 2 extended keys.
If an armor plate is installed on your door, then the long key will work through it.
If it’s an ordinary keyhole, there is a plug in the kit that snaps into place and can be taken out if necessary.

  • I can not scroll the handle from the inside — it does not spin! And I also have a child who presses a button and runs out onto the playground!

In order to turn the handle, you must first press it lightly.

Under it is written: PUSH & TURN

This is done so that small children cannot accidentally open the lock and get out. Also included is a «kid’s button», that prevents the exit button from being pressed.

For application work:

  • Auto-closing is disabled, but the lock closes automatically. What is auto-closing and free passage?

Auto-closing is the automatic closing of the lock without making a passage.
That is, if it is turned off, the lock will not close automatically until the door is opened and then closed.

You can also adjust the time during which the lock does not close after opening.

Free passage — this means that the door does not close itself at all during the specified time intervals on the days of the week. Manually close always works.

  • How to add other users to control the lock with phone?

Another user must register in the TTLock application, and then you can transfer EKEY to his account — to control the lock, or ADMINISTRATOR RIGHTS to administer the lock.

  • How to link the lock to another account irrevocably, with the rights of the owner?

You can use the function through the main menu of the program: TRANSFER THE LOCK, then the settings will be saved.
You can simply bind to another phone via the RESET button, and then the settings will not be saved.

  • How can I create access codes without the Internet on the lock, without a gateway?

The lock contains a secret formula that calculates the access code, taking into account the parameters — time, and a unique lock number.

The Smartphone only recognizes the result of these calculations on the server and reports it to the owner of the lock. That is why you cannot independently set the access code from your numbers without contact with the lock, without gateway.

A code created remotely without a gateway cannot be changed or canceled before its expiration date.

You can delete created passwords, or create passwords consisting of your own numbers, only near the lock or remotely if you have a gateway.

Any questions?

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