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Smart lock “Motorlock 3”

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Motorlock 3 – universal “rotator” of existing door lock, with an easy DIY installation.

Lock controlling and managing remotely, with TTLock App. Lock has optional wireless modules, such as keypad, gateway, door sensor, keyfob and wireless remote controller, for simple integration in any system.
Motorlock 3 allows you to open and close door from anywhere, manage passwords, understand who and when comes, when it needs to charge battery.

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Work with:

Wireless outdoor keypad

Wireless door sensor

Bluetooth keyfob



Wi-Fi gateway

Why Motorlock?

  • Big and strong motor guarantee stable operation with all kind of doors, including massive steel doors with latch

  • Big and strong battery – need to charge once in a year in regular conditions

  • Slim lock body – firmly holds on the door

  • Universal door cylinder — always included

  • TTLock app – super simple and power tool to manage locks for renting apartments

Electronic keys, owner and admin rights

Being an owner of Motorlock, you can grant access to operate lock, or to administrate lock, with flexible time settings. Being an installer, after setup, you can pass lock to owner account beyond retrieve.

Remote generating offline passcodes

You can open lock with password on wireless keypad. Passwords are setting in App. If lock not connected to the internet, and you are far from it, generate password is still possible. Just set required check-in and check-out time. Such a function is possible thanks to the cunning TTLOCK algorithms: passwords change over time according to an individual secret formula, a known lock and your smartphone.

Automatic closing and free passage

You can install a door position sensor for automatic closing. You can set days and hours when automatic closing will not work. After these time intervals, the lock closes the door automatically. You can also set the delay given to the passage.


The lock is powered by two 18650 batteries. The charger is included.
The lock uses only the Bluetooth protocol, as well as extra low power standby modes. This allows to save a charge if the lock is not used for a long time.
The application shows the level of charge of the batteries, the lock also warns of the need to charge the batteries in advance, using an indication — the exit button starts blinking red quickly with each action.
We recommend charging when the level is below 30%, in case of a strong discharge, the lock may develop insufficient force.

Cylinder mechanism of secrecy

You can open the lock with a mechanical key. From the side of the room, the cylinder has a long stem, which is cut to size. The cylinder has a stem with play, which increases the loyalty to the accuracy of installation.
On the key side, the cylinder measures 35mm from the center, and long flip-up keys are included. The size of 35mm is less than what is needed in an average door. If an armor plate is installed on the door, the emergency key will reach the cylinder through it. If there is no armor plate, and the cylinder is shorter than necessary, there is a plastic plug for the keyhole in the kit. If it is necessary to open with a key, the plug is simply pulled out.


The gateway is purchased separately and allows you to fully control the lock via the Internet. It will allow you to cancel the password before they expire, create a code combination from the numbers you specify, send notifications via the Internet, allow you to remotely view the list of events and the battery charge in the lock and wireless panel. The gateway is plugged into an outlet within a radius of 5m from the door, and within the WIFI coverage area.

Bluetooth remotes, integration into third-party systems

The lock can be controlled from the remote control via Bluetooth, which guarantees security. Through the application on the phone remotes are programmed and you can see the charge of their batteries. The remote control can be used to open lock with any smart home relay. For deeper integration we provide API.
“Kid’s button”
If you have kids, who like to press all buttons, and worry that them can go outside – don’t worry! Just remove regular button, and plug dummy-button. Handle on lock is designed to not be rotated by small kids; it needs to be pressed firstly.

“Kid’s button”

If you have kids, who like to press all buttons, and worry that them can go outside – don’t worry! Just plug button blocker. Handle on lock is designed to not be rotated by small kids; it needs to be pressed firstly.

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